Learning Power

Our unique, research based approach to diagnosing ‘Learning Power’ opens up a world where development interventions can really make a difference. It puts the focus on ‘how’ we learn rather than ‘what’ we learn and harnesses the learning potential of work based challenges.We believe ‘Learning Power’ provides the link between learning and organisational success and is therefore that elusive and little known ingredient for creating a Learning Organisation.

Organisations learn only through individuals who learn. Individual learning does not guarantee organisational learning. But without it no organisational learning occurs
Senge, 1990

We support organisations in their desire to create a culture of continuous, informal learning which helps individuals take responsibility for their own learning, foster personal growth and enhances performance.

Central to our approach is ELLI (Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory), a self-assessment instrument which prompts self-analysis, diagnosis and strategy and together with coaching provides a platform to bring about change at an individual and organisational level. The seven dimensions of Learning Power, discovered by the ELLI research team at The University of Bristol, when practised lead to personal effectiveness. They are deeper and more holistic than styles or preferences and are embodied in thinking, feeling and action and life stories. These dimensions are scales in a self-report, generated on-line that is designed to measure Learning Power and stimulate change.